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In my opinion, all attorneys are not created equal. If you want to hire the best – hire Anthony Segura. I’m glad I did!


Great guy, Amazing attorney. I ended up getting a DUI charge and almost lost my business. David guided me through the process and educated me on what could happen and what to do and what not to do. He always prepared me for the next step of the process and always gave me my options on which path I wanted to take. I highly recommend David and would hire him again.

Tim Varesh

Anthony Segura is a wonderful lawyer. He is very Professional and straightforward. He took his time to explain things to me and helped put me at ease with a difficult situation. He kept me informed about court dates and information about the case. He is also helpful and always available for my questions and concerns. I am grateful for all of his hard work and professionalism. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a great lawyer.

Tao Jiang

I highly recommend David for not only his legal expertise / level of professionalism but because he cares about his clients with a uniqueness of compassion which is rarely found.


Highly recommended for any misdemeanor or felony. Super thorough, talks to you like human being not just a client. Had a great experience with him personally. David Kiatta will be the first person I call if I get into any trouble again. Results. Dismissed

Hart Henderson

My experience with Anthony was very long but very well worth it. There was a time I wanted to just give up and take the plea and get my case over with. Anthony convinced me that I have a great chance to fight the case by letting a jury hear my case. I was reluctant at first but I gave in and let Anthony do his magic. Turns out the jury’s verdict was NOT GUILTY. My advice is trust whatever he has to tell you and do not give up on him because he certainly will not give up until his client is satisfied.


We were facing an intoxicated assault case…but in just under a year, he got my case dismissed no questions asked.

Kaleb Glenn

I said to him during my trial when I was in doubt that “we’ll need to use some of his magic.” He said to me “there’s no magic.” So I watched and listened to him perform and he was right. There was no magic. It was all SKILL.


Mr. Kiatta is an amazing lawyer was able to get my case dismissed after plenty of long and dedicated hours. He even set up his own program to help keep me in line with what was being asked of him. If ever in need of a lawyer Mr Kiatta should be your first option an amazing guy with a strong will to help others thanks again Mr Kiatta.

Sir Airness

It was my 4th DUI and I was looking at almost-certain prison time. We were hoping for a best-case scenario of lengthy probation. Mr. Segura got the case dismissed. UNBELIEVABLE! I highly recommend him!!


There is NO WAY I would be where I am today without David Kiatta. He will fight for your rights and he will work to get you what you deserve. He is an incredible attorney, mentor, and friend.


After going around in circles with another lawyer for over a year, Mr. Segura accomplished to get my case dismissed in a short period of time

Raul Gonzalez

Great attorney to have on your side. Made the process as painless as possible from beginning to end. Very thankful!

Wendy Adams

I contacted Anthony after I was arrested for a third DWI…Anthony made several suggestions that got us ahead of the case. Our case was very challenging to defend but Anthony kept me focused on what we needed to do. I could not have asked for a better outcome in my case. The case was dismissed! Anthony is a fantastic attorney and a honorable man.


David was able to get my felony drug possession case dismissed completely. In a months time. I only had to go to court one time. This man is AMAZING!! You can tell in the first few minutes of speaking with him how smart this man is. I hope I never need him again but I am so glad that I know he is there. If anyone I know ever needs a lawyer this is the man!!!


He won my spouse case after 3 years of long journey. He show us his confidence to try go trial after 3 years wait and finally won the case. Hats off to Anthony!!

Viral Patel

My DWI was dismissed and he made the process easy and very informative and always was a call or text away if I had any concerns or questions ! I would recommend to anyone!


I was represented better than I could have imagined. My opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. My nerves were calmed and the process was always explained. Anthony Segura fought hard for me. He went above and beyond and did everything he could to ensure a great outcome


When I wanted to give up, David was there to talk me through the process and my case. He gave me my options, encouraged me and explained the court system. I chose to go to trial and David got my DWI dismissed. I am so grateful for David Kiatta and I would recommend David to anyone and everyone. He truly cares about his clients and he is a great attorney.

Justin Mayfield

I am so grateful for all of the hard work Mr Segura put in on my case. From start to finish I was treated with respect, he was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire process. I’m highly impressed by his availability. In the end, my case was dismissed.

Harrison Old School

Man…. he fought for me at trial like no one can. Hats off to his confidence, knowledge and his speech that I got a chance to see his work in my trial. The details that he picked in trial by asking questions to witnesses and speaking to DA and Judge were mind blowing. Even in court someone told me “Don’t worry you have the best lawyer and you are in good hand” He went beyond his way to prove his abilities, tearing and throwing each evidences which were against me as trial was going on and result was NO GUILTY. My case is dismissed with all charges dropped completely.

VSP Patt

During the trial he handled himself very professionally. He knew DUI laws better than anyone in the courtroom. He respectfully questioned all witnesses yet still backed them into their own corners. Several times throughout the trial I noticed other attorneys sitting in just to watch him work. More than once I was told “you hired the best in the business”.


He represented me in my DWI case and got the charges thrown out the window. NO DWI or the headaches that come with it.


Me Kiatta is an amazing lawyer was able to get my case dismissed after plenty of long and dedicated hours. He even set up his own program to help keep me in line with what was being asked of him. If ever in need of a lawyer Mr Kiatta should be your first option an amazing guy with a strong will to help others thanks again Mr Kiatta


Got my 2nd DWI charge dropped. He’s great I would recommend him 100%

Steven Rangel

He will be with you through out your journey, even after 3 years and a mistrial. We Won and I didnt even get to see him perform like “The” Rock Star” everyone told me he is.


Judy Walton

I highly recommend Mr. Kiatta. He is well versed in the law and will do an excellent job for you. He kept me updated and responded promptly to all of my questions. He is worth every penny that I paid him. I couldn’t have found a better lawyer. Roger.


He was truly a God Send. My prayers were answered and my DWI disappeared! I highly recommend Mr. Anthony R. Segura!


I have had a really crappy history of bad luck and have been arrested three times for DWI. I chose Anthony for my first case 8 years ago and would never trust my future other than with Anthony. Anthony got my first two DWIs dismissed… Anthony had set my last case for trial but I actually heard the prosecutor say to her colleague, ” I just can’t beat Anthony, I don’t even want to try. He will embarrass me.” The result a plea bargain that resulted in a conviction of a minor traffic offense


I can’t thank Mr. Segura enough for defending my husband and having his charges reduced from a 2nd DWI to a traffic ticket

Lethy Ramirz

I cannot put into words how much Anthony Segura has done for me! Anthony has managed to save my life twice on two separate DWI Charges.


We did not have much to work with, but Anthony made every single disadvantage we had amount to something in that courtroom. He was impressive with his directs and simply unbeleivable on his re-directs. By the time the first day of hearings was over, the prosecuting team offered a discontinuance. One day! …and we were done. The judged joked that Anthony was so good he could have made the arresting officer admit to ANYTHING.


Highly recommend Mr.Segura 100%, he was professional, knowledgeable, Honest, and always provided..

Americana Siciliana

I was accused of a hit & run that didn’t happen. From the beginning, David was extremely helpful in helping me navigate the booking process & secure a bond. For the next 1.5 years, he represented me as my case made it through the legal system, and the charges were ultimately dismissed. Very thankful for David’s advice & recommendations throughout the entire process!


Anthony Segura was absolutely the attorney that I needed to help me with some legal matters. I received a DWI as well as a UCW and in my line of work that was a death sentence. As I refused a breathalyzer my license was automatically suspended. For those of you who don’t know already or are in a first time situation similar to this, it is a long process especially on the state side. Thanks to Anthony’s help I was able to get a driving permit for work almost immediately. He quickly went to work on getting everything for the case rolling in the meantime while we were awaiting court dates. He was not only able to get me into a DWI divergent program that would ultimately upon completion end with a dismissal, he also was able to get a contract with the DA to have the UCW charge placed on hold and dropped as well upon completion of the DWI program. This was huge for me as it likely would be for yourself. This was a 1 year contract which included, 6mo breathalyzer in vehicle, 1 year probation, several DWI courses, 24hrs community service, and a UCW course. The courses and CS I had completed in the first few weeks. From there all that was left was to use the breathalyzer when driving the vehicle and obviously abiding by the probation terms. It is a long process but Anthony was the saving grace ultimately with his connections/relationships in Ft.Bend county. He was even able to get things smoothed over with the DA’s office for me to do some international work for my company. Ultimately if you are looking for very competent representation, look no further. This man is super capable of helping you with your legal needs and is worth the investment. I had all of the charges dismissed and the records expunged. He helped me get my life back. If you’re reading this Anthony, thank you sir!


David took all my criminal cases and helped me beat them. He is thorough and helpful. Caring yet stern. Always there when needed.


100% would recommend Mr. Segura to anyone. Very professional and responsive.

James Alexander

I have never had someone go out of their way and treat us the way that David Kiatta did. He treated us as if we were family and he genuinely cared about helping us… He was always there when we needed him whether in person, email, or a phone call. All of the charges, including the felony DWI were dropped! I honestly do not think anyone else could have gotten this outcome. David Kiatta is an honest, man of God who genuinely cares about the people he represents.

Client Review

I am very impressed with how Anthony Sequria has handled my case. He takes care of Everything. He has answered his phone Every time I’ve called him. I Highly recommend Anthony.

Sherrie Kubicek

David has been instrumental in helping me not only in my legal matters but with my personal life as well… He has given me an opportunity to get my case dismissed and start a new chapter in my life. My family and I are grateful to have been referred to David. I highly recommend this man to help you with any legal issues.


I was on my second DWI and not only did Mr. Segura work with me on payments, he Got my felony dropped to a misdemeanor. I love that he’s realistic and straight forward with everything. I can honestly say I got the best deal for having a second DWI and it’s all thanks to Mr. Sergura.

Tabitha Torres

After consulting with multiple lawyers about my case I found myself back at Anthony’s desk. Anthony is rooted in both the city of Richmond and the Fort Bend county. Having someone like Anthony who is involved in the local community, who knows a majority of all personnel involved in the courtroom, really saved myself the heartache of having to worrying about a conviction for the rest of my life. He was always available by either text or phone with quick returns even when busy. He was honest with both the good and bad possibilities to help you choose the path that best fits your needs. Even though getting to the final resolution of the case was a long road, with the prosecution dragging their feet, Anthony was there every day fighting for you. In the end, my case was Dismissed and Expunged from my record. Hiring Anthony for my case saved my future.


Mr. Segura is a great Attorney! He is professional and very knowledgeable. He takes time to listen to specific details regarding your situation. Thoroughly explains process from beginning, to whats expected towards end of case. Also, you can contact him and he will respond in a timely manner. Mr. Segura is just an outstanding Attorney over all.

Marie Marie

Mr. Segura is a very smart, loyal, and down to business lawyer. There is no one I would recommend more than this man. We were facing an intoxicated assault case, courts were giving us the run around, but Anthony stayed calm and collective and always ahead of the game. Fort bend is slow, but in just under a year, he got my case dismissed no questions asked. If I have any other issues or anyone that I know, he is the go to guy. Thanks Mr. Segura

Kaleb Glenn

I can not express the gratitude that I feel for all that Mr. Segura has done for not only my husband but for our entire family. My husband was charged with a second DWI in 2014 (his first offense was over 20 years ago). During our initial consultation it was very apparent that Mr. Anthony Segura was the right Attorney for the case. He is very genuine and upfront, always informing us of the best and worst possibilities. He does not candy coat the situation with unrealistic expectations and takes the time to make sure we understood all outcomes. Admittedly he is a very busy attorney (comes with being the best) yet he alway answered our calls. On the rare occasion when he was unavailable Mr. Segura would respond to our correspondences the same day. Although I pray we never need his services again, it is of much comfort knowing he will be there if need be. Again I can’t thank Mr. Segura enough for defending my husband and having his charges reduced from a 2nd DWI to a traffic ticket. In short I most definitely recommend Mr. Segura 100%.

Lethy Ramirez

This lawyer is the best I have ever worked with. Having a very difficult case, Anthony was able to successfully work with me. No matter what question I had for him during the process, he was able to give me an answer I could understand. Anthony is a natural in the court room and takes care of business. With fast responses via text message or phone calls, he is a pleasure to work with. I will recommend him to anybody I ever meet who’s in trouble. Outstanding job and worth every penny. Blessed I found him when I did. Thanks again.

Mitchell Wylie

I will recommend Lawyer Segura to anyone that need a trusted, professional and hard working Attorney. His words so accurate dependable and believable. My case that lasted for almost 8 months was dismissed by him. Thank you lawyer Segura you are the man

Oluwasuyi Dada

Mr.anthony is one of the best lawyer. He listen and act promptly to your request. His response is quick and favorable. I recommend him to anyone without any doubt.

Vigna Patel

Great lawyer he knows what he is doing and really helped me out of the trouble I got my self in and really a respectfully person

Joshua Kasubinski

I am so grateful for all of the hard work Mr Segura put in on my case. From start to finish I was treated with respect, he was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire process. I’m highly impressed by his availability. In the end, my case was dismissed. I would recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Harrison Old School

When it comes to good representation, you can’t go wrong with Anthony Segura. He stays on top of everything and knows his courts. Can’t thank you enough for getting my case dropped from a felony to misdemeanor, just by doing what he said to do and you have a second chance of changing your life, on the outside not in jail in the inside!

Rudy Medina

Anthony Segura is an outstanding lawyer he’s very respectful, honest, informative, and responsible. After going around in circles with another lawyer for over a year, Mr. Segura accomplished to get my case dismissed in a short period of time . Highly recommend.

Raul Gonzalez

I would recommend Atty. Seguerra to all my friends and family. He is very professional. He make extra effort to ensure your needs come first. I had DWI case that I thought is end of the world. I’m very scared and very stressed, thinking I’m going to jail but he will assure to me to do his best and that’s what he did on my case. Also he help me to do payments. Thank you Atty. Seguerra

Jeremias Jake Albino

Excellent choice if you need a DWI lawyer in Fort Bend County. Highly professional, punctual, knowledgeable in the laws and sobriety testing procedures, and great with communication. We waited over 3 1/2 years before the DA finally offered an acceptable plea deal, but he was ready to go to trial from the get go if it was necessary. Thankfully we didn’t have to. Mr Segura is the lawyer you want on your side based on my experience.

Josh Wells

Without Mr. segura I don’t know where I’d be. Mr. Segura guided me every step of the way in my case. He gave me his direct contact if I ever had any questions or just needed to call. He was very quick to respond, always listened, always kept me up to date never un prepared. Mr. segura had a plan to get my case on the right path, I believed in him and now I am very fortunate with the outcome. Thank you Mr. segura for your time, effort, and hard work. I know my case wasn’t easy but you got the job done and for that I am grateful for you. Thanks you so much and God bless you Mr. Segura.

Vxder Official

Segura and his office were very professional. Made me feel comfortable about my case. Always kept me updated in any information. I greatly appreciate their hard work and great efforts. I recommend them because I’ve had the best representation.

Chris Ramos

Anthony went above and beyond in getting my case dismissed. I for sure thought I would at least have to be on probation but he got everything dismissed outright. I hope I won’t need a lawyer again but if I do I will be going back to him and will also make sure to refer him to friends and family. Thank you Anthony, it is greatly appreciated.

Mian Naveed

I got 2 DWI’s in 3 months and Mr Segura was able to get the 2nd one dismissed. He was patient with me and did a great job explaining everything throughout the process. Highly recommended!

Hary Andria

Anthony Segura is very honest and respectful lawyer I ever found. He won my spouse case after 3 years of long journey. He show us his confidence to try go trial after 3 years wait and finally won the case. Hats off to Anthony!! I am very thankful for his help and courage to fight against it. I would 100% recommend him to anyone seeking legal counsel.

Viral Patel

I had to hire the services of Segura’s Firm two years ago and I decided to hire his services because of the positive reviews that other people had on his firm. So yes it is important to read the opinion of other people’s experiences and feedback so you don’t add to the situation. So it is my turn to give a feedback and I gladly do it. His process is very simple and to the point he reviews your case and is professional to give you the options based on the facts and helps decide with you. He is sincere and honest. (hard to find in this times) Something I really appreciate it and made a difference is that a lot of times he gets out of his way to arrange for things that a lot of times are easy for him but can become a head ache to some. Over all, yes you won’t go wrong with his services very soon you will feel peace about what he does.

Saul Reyes

Mr Segura will not just represent you. He will explain in details the actions that needs to be done. I never regretted using him even when I just googled and saw him. One of the best decisions I made. Highly recommended.

Adeola Alade

Anthony Segura is the best attorney in Ft Bend County. His knowledge and years of experience are invaluable. He handled the case in a professional and attentive manner. His calm demeanor and years of experience made me feel confident that the case was in the best hands. He understood all of the complex matters of the case and was able to direct it to give us the best defense possible. I would highly recommend Anthony Segura. He is the best choice and will listen to you and then help you plan an amazing defense of your case.

L Richardson

Mr. Segura was able to get my case sealed very easily. All it took for me was some prep work before my online meeting and done. He kept it professional and respectful.

Nicholas Stabler

I found Mr. Segura 2 years ago when I was involved in a sudden incident and didn’t know what direction to take. He has been very patient, understand and professional through out the whole case that has been on going. He is very thorough and realistic when it comes to something as serious. He is also very responsive when you have questions and when deadlines need to be met.

Krishna Arora

Mr. Segura is a class act and a person you can depend upon 100% for guidance and support through a difficult situation. Navigating the legal system is not in my wheelhouse and I was thankful to be referred to Mr. Segura. His knowledge of the law, processes, and procedures gave me the information I needed for the best case scenario to the worst case scenario. Mr. Segura was also very honest and did not sugar-coat the truths needed to make realistic decisions. Communication is a strength of Mr. Segura as he responds quickly with kindness and respect. I would definitely recommend Mr. Segura for your legal needs!


Mr. Segura was an excellent choice for my legal issues. I found him online due to his high ratings. He was professional, informative, and successful in defending my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Segura if you need a good lawyer in your corner.

Ajm Martin

At my the most stressful point in my life, facing a DWI charge. Mr Segura and his team Handled my case with diligence, professionalism and compassion l. He is an intelligent lawyer and is upfront with you about everything and your choices. Would recommend him 10/10 . Thank you so much for taking care of my case and getting it dismissed. God bless you.

Kepifri Lakoh

Mr. Segura handled my DWI case and got my case dismissed. He is a very tenaciousness and intelligent attorney. Mr. Segura is a well respected attorney in the court system and has verifiable wining track record obtaining dismissal in most of his cases.

El Jr.

Mr Segura has been a great attorney, he’s made me feel comfortable and confident in my case. He’s taken the time to work with me and provide me with the best options with the best outcome. 10/10 Would recommend.


Segura & Kiatta is a wonderful Lawyer practice. Mr Segura himself followed my case closely and provided me with the necessary support and advise along the way. For a first time offender like me, who did not really understand the criminal justice system, having a patient, responsive and professional Lawyer like Mr Segura made all the difference.

Tomas Matondo

Having Anthony represent me, eased the anxiety of the stressful situation of dealing with my case. It was a very frightening time for me not knowing what was going to happen and if the outcome would ruin my life but the assurance and confidence of him doing everything in his power for a positive resolution, with very little effort on my part, was all I could ask for. He always communicated clearly and answered my calls whenever I had questions or just needed to check-in. He is also very kind and easy to talk to and provides very reasonable rates, compared to other lawyers I had inquired with for the same case. Although I hope not to need legal assistance again, I would certainly hire him and refer him to friends and family. Thank you, Anthony Segura.

Omar Buchanan

If you’re looking for pure professionalism and an honest, dedicated lawyer look no further. Mr. Segura got my case dismissed, I couldn’t be happier! 10/10 I recommend his service.

Austin Rodriguez

Mr.Segura came in highly recommended as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Fort-bend County and him along with Mr.Kiatta did not disappoint. Having a tough case we walked in full of anxiety and hopelessness and just meeting this team we decided to put our full faith and trust in them to handle our case and they delivered. The things you most want in a legal team is transparency, honesty and respect and they don’t provide anything less. Thank you Mr.Segura and Mr.Kiatta for your excellent representation.

Natalia Capitaine

Hiring the most experienced attorney, the most trustworthy, reliable, professional and knowledgeable, the best leader in Texas, knowing that You have on Your Side, let You sleep with the peaceful mind, with the best protection. That is priceless. DAVID IS ONE OF THE TOP ATTORNEY IN TEXAS HISTORY, ACTIONS, BEST RESULTS. SEGURA & KIATTA, Best Experience. DAVID, Thank You for Your Hard Work, I will recommend You, every where.

Ari Emeterio

I will definitely recommend David Kiatta. He provided honesty and professionalism from the moment I walked into his law firm to the minute he informed me my case was dropped by the jury. Always answered my calls and concerns, he came as a blessing. Throughout this pandemic I never once worried about my case. He always kept me updated and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my life and practically guaranteed me that my case will be dismissed. Before meeting David I meet with a few lawyers in the Houston area and honestly no one gave me hope until I meet him. Again thank you and I hope nothing but the best for you and your firm.

Omar Ahmed

Mr. Segura is very knowledgeable and helpful! Gets straight to the point, made process very understanding. He was able to help my case get dismissed! highly recommend!

Dennis’s romero

Mr Segura was the best lawyer for the job. Anything to do with the law is terribly scary. He is full of knowledge and will do all he can to get the best result for you. What was important to me along with the way he operated was the way he conducts himself in the courtroom etc… He dresses confidently and with a powerful aspect. From top to bottom he looks like a million dollar lawyer. When he’s conducting himself with others inside the courtroom room people shake his hand and pay him their respects, he also knows everyone there. There are many lawyers that do NOT dress the part, do NOT conduct themselves with confidence and are not in the mix of everything that’s going on. Along with his case knowledge and what he did for me I was absolutely over satisfied when MY lawyer Anthony Segura walked into the courtroom. People knew he was there and respected him with utmost sincerity. Anthony Segura is the whole package that will make you feel at ease about the nightmare that’s going on. Call him to help you, you will not be disappointed.

Patrick Fox

Attorney Segura was a real professional handling my case. A real expert in his field, the confidence he demonstrated let me know I made the right decision for my family and I. He addressed my concerns with a reassurance and made me feel at ease. While you’re looking for representation don’t just look at cost but look for someone with integrity someone who is going to fight along side of you. This has been an experience and having attorney Segura on my team is one thing I did right. I will forever be grateful to have been represented by attorney Segura.

C. Z.

Defiently recommended!! Mr. Segura was very helpful and knowledgeable from a professional perspective but more importantly he was also very personable. It resonated to me alot that Mr Segura not only does everything to help your case but he also cares for his clients personally. You will not find a lawyer that is more transparent and willing to go out of his way to make sure you are represented and defended to ensure you have a fighting chance in your case. With that being said case DISMISSED! Money well spent for sure!

Sonny Nguyen

Mr. Segura is an exceptional lawyer and a wonderful human being too. He’s an honest and a very hardworking lawyer. My brother’s DWI case was a tough case for any lawyer to handle it. However Mr. Segura accomplished to get his charges dropped from felony to misdemeanor A and no jail time. Unlike other lawyers he is very reasonable and puts in all his efforts to help you. i highly recommend him anytime any day. I guarantee that he would not disappoint you.

Naeem Sadruddin

Attorney segura is a brilliant lawyer . He help my husband, who happened to get three Dwi cases reduced to nothing without any conviction, due to his skillful knowledge in laws. I truly recommend him for anyone that has case in court. His knowledge in law and compassion makes him a great lawyer .

Eddie Ibekwe

David is one of the best attorneys in Texas. He spends time with you, cares for your well-being, and will go above and beyond for cases he truly believes in. I could not have asked for a better attorney to handle my complex case. Though the outcome was far from what I wanted, David got me what I needed. He got me a reasonable ending, which are few and far between in criminal cases. Never once did David think about quitting, even when the odds felt stacked against us. He is intelligent, confident, and dedicated. Someone you need in hard times. He is a great man and if you ever need an attorney, he is the best for the job.

Bryan W

I am so Grateful for what Mr. Segura has done for me. Everyone was saying no way but Mr. Segura gave me the faith that he can and he made the what seemed impossible in others eyes possible and I am eternally grateful for his commitment to this case and getting a dismissal position on the case! THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this second chance and this is a blessing I can’t take for granted!

FetaCheezi EzPz

So had a DWI case and reached out to Mr Segura . He was very helpful very professional and organized going through Covid even lost my job at some point and he was able to help me get a deal with the DA with my case ,even going as far as helping me have the court waive my fees . I would recommend anybody and everyone to him he was an Angel Sent . Cannot thank him enough .

Leonix A

I had dealt with several lawyers before I discovered David. He stood out from the rest because of his professionalism and efficiency.
This was my first offense and I was charged with a felony for a serious crime. I was completely devastated! I was almost certain I would lose my career. David assured me that he would give his best and try for the best possible outcome. Due to his efforts and experience my case was dismissed within 8 months! I am now able to work again as a professional and am truly grateful for his services.

I would highly recommend David as a lawyer to anyone dealing with serious charges!

Amjad Khan

Anthony Segura is amazing!!! He helped me in a very rough time in my life. I’m a single mom and he worked with me on the payment plan. He worked with me on payments during Covid and still continued to fight my case. He was very upfront and honest with me through out the length of my case. He was always on top of everything and communicated with me about court hearings. He work hard to get me a fair judgement. I would highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves fighting a dwi charge. He definitely knows what he is doing!!!

Tresa Rivette

I have found Mr Segura to be an outstanding and honest attorney. He was also quick to respond to any questions I had. Mr Segura is highly recommended to take care of all your legal needs.


Attorney Anthony Segura has been a light of hope for me at a time when my options appeared limited and hopeless where the likelihood of a satisfactory resolution seemed highly impossible! Not only has he been able to defend me, and walk me through my case, but his calm and empathetic demeanor and attitude offered emotional support to myself when I felt apprehensive and uneasy about my case. He has proven to not only be an excellent attorney but he is a well known and respected attorney! Mr. Segura’s actions speak for itself, he will tell you the truth and he will fight for his clients! I am forever grateful for his excellent service and I hereby recommend Mr. Segura without hesitation or reservation to anyone!

J Perez

If someone asked me to describe Mr. Segura in 3 words, my best description would be: Honest, Professional, and Motivated. Let’s just say, he gets the job done EVERY TIME. I was referred to him by a good friend of mine. I was hesitant at first but after I saw all the amazing reviews I decided to give him a call. I’m extremely blessed to have taken this route because he helped me get the least amount of charges. The part that I appreciated the most was at that time, I was going through some tough stuff and he treated me like family by mentoring me on how to get my life together. Here I am! 6 years later with a clean record and a new life. I highly recommend Mr. Segura.

Camille Beil

I’d like to express my gratitude for Anthony. In a time of extreme stress in a bad situation, he became our go to person. He listened, took a bad situation and used his professionalism to handle our problem. Our family trusted his judgement and he gave us sound and effective advice. He handled our case with the upmost care and never let us down once, He was never late, excellent communication and explained in detail his plan. It worked without a flaw and everything went in a positive direction. I hope this helps anyone with an issue. Rest assured, he will have your back every step of the way. He is without a doubt- The Best !!

Lisa Anstine

Mr. Segura is the best lawyer that I have ever seen. He is super attentive and goes above and beyond for his client. He is so caring and understanding of your circumstances and does everything he can to help you not only in the court room but assisting his client with financial difficulties as well. He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process of obtaining a lawyer and through out dealing with my case. I would highly recommend to anybody to ask for him!

Tricia McDowell

Mr. Segura did excellent work for the case. If you ever need good legal representation, do not hesitate to choose Mr. Segura. Information flowed as promised and excellent communication was vital. Situations and scenarios were explained in ways that were easy to understand. Thank you for practicing in FT BEND COUNTY.

Gary Reinecker

Lawyer Mr. Segura is an excellent attorney that I highly recommend. He is extremely professional and very knowledgable. He took the time to understand my needs and proposed numerous solutions to address my situation. His attention to detail in serving his clients is outstanding. With that being said, Mr. Segura got my case Dismissed!!!

Terry Harris

Mr. Segura was very helpful. The entire process was so smooth. I never had to miss work to get things taken care of. Everything was explained to me clearly from the beginning. He was able to get me qualified into a program to where upon completion, will dismiss my charges. I’m very grateful for his help. He is very highly recommended!

Eleazar Solis

My name is Chibuzo.

I will highly recommend attorney Anthony Segura any day any time. He knows his onion to the root, exceptionally effective in communication. Meeting Anthony Segura was one of the best things that happened to me in 2021. I give him every accolade….He made my DWI charge seem like it wasn’t a big deal…. I couldn’t thank him enough.

Baby Oku1

Got a good outcome for my DWI to be removed from my record when it easily could have not been. Mr. Segura was very knowledgable and gave important, key advice throughout the whole process. Very professional and worthwhile.

Carlos C

Mr. Segura represented me recently. He listened to all my concerns I had about my case. Mr. Segura was respectful, attentive and direct with me throughout my entire representation. No complaints from me, I would highly recomend Mr. Segura to anyone looking for an attorney. Thanks again

Johnny Luna

I don’t wish for no one to have to hire a criminal lawyer but when you need to David Kiatta and his team are the go to guys. Prompt,efficient,honest, professional, experienced and mostly knowledgeable.

Thank you so much for your services

Cheikh Gakou

David Kiatta got my case dismissed and here is why:

David has all the qualities of a great lawyer: honesty, responsiveness, analytical skills, good research skills, speaking skills, and listening skills.

David’s experience is apparent as he navigated me thru my case. David and his team have vast resources and years of experience. David and his team will work relentlessly to protect your rights. He will give you his honest assessment of your case and never stop fighting for your rights.

What I appreciate most about David is his calm demeanor, ability to listen intently and ask the right questions.

Good lawyers know the law and Great lawyers know the Judge. That means they have the necessary experience in the court room. Judges are people that run their court as they see within the law as they interpret it.

I can never thank David and his team enough for protecting my rights and having my case dismissed.


Mr. Segura was my first ever hired lawyer for my DWI case and I am so happy for the outcome with Mr. Segura, he was good and keeping me in a neutral state of mind without stressing over it and he made it seem like the case was nothing, I am so happy for the recommendation and I am blessed to have hired him as my lawyer and trusting his work! He is very good at what he does and I highly recommend Mr. Segura!

Ibrahima Touray

Extremely professional take care of my case like his life depend on me. Go see Segura and save you time and money

Humza Rashid

The best! Hiring the right lawyer may be one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself or a loved one when challenges come your way. Anthony Segura and his team have years of experience, top-notch skills, and actionable relationships within the court system to ensure you get a fair hearing and the best possible outcome. The previous attorney on our case led us down a risky, unstable legal path, and when the issue became challenging, he gave up. Anthony Segura and his team confidently took over, worked through the complexities, and crafted a fair, best-case outcome. We are forever grateful. I believe there is no better legal team in Houston than the competent and confident Segura & Kiatta Criminal Defense. They got my difficult case dismissed. I am forever grateful to Mr Anthony Segura.

Abdul Mahmood

Hiring Mr. Segura was an excellent decision I was very pleased with the out come of my situation. He was intent on making the situation work in my favor. I definitely recommend Hiring mr.sergura

Randle Jackson

@Anthoney was remarkable representative for me at this stage of my life. After I was wrongly charged by the state and got misrepresented by a psychological manipulator who was my own layer and was being harassed by the people who put the charges on me. Anthoney stood up for me against the state and asked me basic every day questions.
I had been working since I was 14 and I never stopped, these charges took everything from me. I want to go back to what I do so i can stand on my feet and make a honest living.
Thank you @Anthoney for helping me out.

Ahmed Ganatra

I had a DUI and Anthony Segura was able to get it dismissed. He was professional, knowledgeable and had great communication. He kept me updated and let me know the best scenario with my case. Hopefully I won’t need him again, but if I did, I would definitely hire him as my attorney again.

Stan Vacek

You never want to think you need these people but I am glad I had Mr. Segura and his team. My outcome was better than I could have hoped for.

Sam H

Mr.Segura was a great lawyer. Extremely professional and informative. I appreciate his efforts and the manner in which he guided me through the process.

Fidelis Negbenebor

Absolutely recommend! Was nervous about the whole situation but was rest assured that everything would be taken care of. Mr.Segura had everything taken care of before the initial court date and was ready to start the next steps of the process immediately. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to anybody needing a lawyer!!!

Brandon C

Soon after I deservedly received my first ever arrest for a DWI, I was desperate for a well known local DWI attorney with many years of experience and plentiful solid reviews. Anthony Segura was the first name I seriously considered, and I am very grateful that I never looked back. Anthony was always professional and polite in his discussions with me, and provided adequate detail to fully understand my best options. He does not mince words and will tell you the truth in all matters, even when it’s difficult to hear such words; this is a highly redeeming quality that future clients can count on. He has strong working relationships with those who really matter in the decision making process, thereby alleviating steps needed to come to the most favorable outcome for the client.

Michael Derden

I highly recommend Anthony Segura! His knowledge and expertise cannot be understated. He was upfront, honest, and transparent during all communications and set the expectation for all possible outcomes. He was very thorough, persistent, and will fight for you to get your desired outcome. By no means was it easy, but following his advice and direction, he was able to get my case dismissed. I cannot stress the importance of hiring the right attorney that will fight for you every step of the way, and Anthony Segura is that person!

John Guillen

Mr. Segura has been working with me on my case for around 8 or so months now, I greatly recommend him to anybody looking for a highly skilled lawyer. He’s very informative and ready to answer any questions you may have regarding your case, as-well as very responsive and ready to help. He has greatly helped me with my legal troubles regarding this case and I will definitely be using his services again if ever needed. Five stars.

Connor EB

Mr Anthony Segura is a great Attorney,he is so co operative ,within 2 hearings my case is dismissed ,,I highly recommend his services.

Abdul Samad

I haven’t had to deal with a bunch of lawyers in my lifetime and if I ever have to again I’m definitely hiring Mr.Segura and Kiatta. They have a Great crimson defense team. Mr.Segura listens and understands what a person is dealing with. Mr.Segura is very professional and listens. I would recommend this team ( SEGURA & KIATTA to anyone. They say Team work make the dream work and that’s exactly what they did! So reach out to SEGURA & KIATTA and put your worries to rest!!! Im grateful, Thanks and may GID continue to bless!

Willie Walker

I don’t have Words to explain how Thankful i am i got some charges and mr Segura did what was on his hands to get Dismissals in all cases i am so happy and i really appreciate everything you did for me i recommend Mr Segura 100% if anytime me or a member in my family have a trouble we Will call him again Thanks so much MR Segura you are the best in whole Texas

Daciel Hang

Mr Segura is The best lawyer in Texas he help me with a big case and it was dismiss I just want to say thanks so much for everything you did a great job

danlys racet

Coming into my situation, I was overwhelmed about picking the right lawyer. I was very skeptical when it came to lawyers until I met Mr. Segura, who was recommended to me by a law enforcement officer. I am so grateful I chose to go with him. Mr. Segura is extremely reliable and honest. One thing that stood out was that he was not going to feed you false information. He gives you the facts and is honest even if you don’t want to hear the truth. During my ALR hearing, I was extremely impressed with how Mr. Segura handled the situation and how he got the results i wanted, shortly after- all charges had been dismissed. He is widely known around Fort Bend as being one of the best lawyers, if not the best. If you want to get the best results in your case I recommend Mr. Segura. Thank you again.

Thomas Quinn

I highly recommend Anthony Sugera for any criminal defense needs. He actually really cares about what’s happening and getting you the best outcome possible. He always replied to me when I had questions which I find rare these days. Thank you Anthony for all your hard work on our case(s)!

Denise Kasubinski

David Kiatta helped me get a Felony case dismissed in pre-trial. When you come to him he develops a plan and sticks to it. He tells you straight up what it is and takes it from there. Solid Guy. Great Mind.

Deshawn H

I have never been on the wrong side of the law–and never expected to be–but when I was facing very serious consequences for an incident that was completely out of my control, David Kiatta really came through. He got the charges dismissed with minimal time and expense. I would definitely recommend him.

Schlitzberger Stone

From the first day of walking into Mr. Kiatta office in a panic, he reassured me that everything will be ok. And he proved just that, he was able to quickly get my case resolved and dismissed like the initial promise. Between him and his assistant Susan, they always kept me updated and informed on case status. I would def recommend his services. You dont get treated like just another case or $$$$, he was very attentive, caring, and assertive. Thnx again to the entire office staff.

Steelo Robinson

The experience my family had in our time of need was beyond outstanding. We highly recommend Segura & Kiatta. Anthony Segura’s curtesy and professionalism was excellent in all regards.

Paul Pruett

David Kiatta has been a very professional and extremely knowledgeable attorney. We would recommend him to you and others needing legal services. He fought for justice with us and alongside side us from the beginning until the end every step of the way until the cases were finally dismissed. He has been a good listener, patient, and thorough in his delivery and intent. Plus, he is well-respected in the Fort Bend County Courts and the District Attorney’s office. Many thanks again, David for a job well done! Connie

Connie Harrell

Words definitely couldn’t explain the gratitude I’m feeling. David Kiatta is without a doubt a experienced and professional Attorney. Old fashioned kinda Attorney is the Best. He treated me like I was his only case, which of course he is a very busy Man. Definitely referring to anyone needing the Best Defense Attorney in Harris County. He saved my life.

Joshua Baca

Anthony did an awesome job. He got my case dismissed after 2 years of holy hell, seriously.
The prosecutor is corrupt. After 2 yrs I asked my po why it took so long to get the toxicology report after totally no proof whatsoever. He said the DA wanted to see if id screw up.That’s why I got Anthony – The prosecutor would not give up throwing a rap of only .01 alcohol level at me. Yes he grew balls watching me squirm. It has happened to TRUMP & now it is being done to American citizens (ME)

Karen Knobelsdorf

Life saver!!! Words cannot begin to express my life gratitude with David Kiatta, he will forever be my super hero. After working with another lawyer and getting indicated for murder David step up to fix my mess without hesitation. For over 2 years he worked hard and was relentless on my case and wouldn’t accept less than what he told me I deserve DISMISSED NO BILLED BY GRAND JURY! David is highly respected in the Fort Bend Courts, watching him work in the courtroom I knew I had the right person on my side. Look now further than David Kiatta and his team they are all very honest, professional, knowledgeable, communicative, and very transparent! Hands down only lawyer I would ever recommend!!!!!

Maria Soto

Can’t explain how grateful I am for Mr Segura. Got a charge I didn’t think would end out well and Mr Segura did everything he could to get it dismissed. If I or any of my family were to get in to any trouble I wouldn’t hesitate to give him a call. Again thank you for all your help I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

Cody Garza

Facing charges for a DWI is a place absolutely no one wants to find themselves in. Mr. Segura calmly and knowledgeably explained the process and my options at a time when I was overwhelmed and ashamed and did not know what to expect. He was available to answer any questions thoroughly and outlined the best route to take, which he pursued to a successful end. At no point did I feel judged or looked down upon by him or by his staff, and he worked with me to come up with a payment plan that I was comfortable with. This is not an easy process, but good advice makes it a doable one. Mr. Segura went out of his way to make sure I knew I wasn’t alone and I understood every step along the way thanks to him. I absolutely recommend this law firm.

Erin D

I would highly recommend DAVID KIATTA !!!

Mr. Kiatta was very professional and kept us informed with our case every step of the way with his legal services.

Thank you Mr. DAVID KIATTA for your help. I also want to said a fews words about the staff they were friendly and helpful as well.

Maria Cisneros

I hired Mr. Segura after reading all of the reviews about him and meeting with him in his office. From day one it was all about me. He answered every phone call, email and text. Most within 1 hour of me sending them. He kept me up to date with the status of my case the whole time. I was very confident about his decision to take my case to trial. During the trial he handled himself very professionally. He knew DUI laws better than anyone in the courtroom. He respectfully questioned all witnesses yet still backed them into their own corners. Several times throughout the trial I noticed other attorneys sitting in just to watch him work. More than once I was told “you hired the best in the business”. They were absolutely correct. The situation I had gotten myself into seemed as if there was no good way out. What I walked out of the courtroom with was an acquittal. His work and attention to detail resulted in the charges being dropped completely. The jury never had the opportunity to decide on a verdict. Upon polling the jury after the Judges decision, all 6 returned a not guilty. I wouldn’t recommend any other Attorney for a DUI case. He definitely lives up to his word and proves it in the courtroom where it really counts.


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