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Posted on : Jan 08, 2024
White-Collar Crimes: Defending Against Fraud and Embezzlement Charges

Grasping the Complexity of White-Collar Crimes White-collar crimes like fraud and embezzlement are complex and require a strategic legal defense. At Segura & Kiatta, Criminal…

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Posted on : Dec 10, 2023
Field Sobriety Tests: Essential Knowledge if Stopped for DUI in Fort Bend

Field sobriety tests (FSTs) are critical assessments conducted by law enforcement to gauge a driver’s potential impairment due to alcohol or drugs. Understanding the nuances…

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Posted on : Nov 30, 2023
Sugar Land DUI Defense: Trust Segura & Kiatta for Legal Expertise

Facing a DUI charge is a daunting experience that can have profound consequences on your life. The legal complexities surrounding drunk driving cases require the…

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Posted on : Oct 31, 2023
Can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me Get My Case Dismissed Completely?

Being charged with a crime is an incredibly stressful and frightening experience. The prospect of jail time, a criminal record, and other lifelong consequences can…

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Posted on : Sep 13, 2023
5 Types of Violent Crimes in Texas and Their Potential Defenses

Violent crimes are among the most seriously penalized in Texas. If you were arrested for a violent crime, it’s important to understand the charges against…

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Posted on : Aug 18, 2023
Are A Motion To Dismiss & A “Demurrer” The Same?

You’ve certainly heard of a motion to dismiss a criminal case, but have you ever heard the term “demurrer?” If your attorney talks about a…

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Posted on : Jul 29, 2023
What Are My Rights During My Texas Arraignment Hearing?

When facing criminal charges, one of the most important stages of the legal process is the arraignment. This is where you are formally charged and…

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Posted on : Jun 22, 2023
How Can I Get My Texas Criminal Case Dismissed?

If you were arrested for a criminal offense, probably the best case scenario is for your charges to be dismissed before it ever goes to…

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Posted on : May 30, 2023
Breaking Barriers, Restoring Hope: Segura & Kiatta, LLP – Sugar Land’s Premier Criminal Defense Warriors

Introduction When faced with legal challenges, having a skilled and dedicated team of attorneys by your side can make all the difference. In Sugar Land,…

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Posted on : May 30, 2023
The Art of Acquittal: Segura & Kiatta, LLP – Sugar Land’s Respected DUI Defense Game-Changer

Segura & Kiatta, LLP: Sugar Land’s Trusted Law Firm When it comes to defending clients facing DUI charges, one name stands out in Sugar Land,…

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