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Sexual assault allegations are very serious. These accusations can impact the accuser and the accused and devastate a college campus. If you are a university student facing Title IX sexual assault allegations, you have rights. To protect those rights, you must fully understand your situation. Utilizing a Houston campus sexual assault lawyer can ensure you get the help you need in this complicated and unnerving time.

Segura & Kiatta Law Firm has years of experience defending Houston students accused of sexual assault and will work diligently to ensure the appropriate processes are followed. Sexual assault allegations are serious, so we will treat your situation with the care it deserves.

Understanding Title IX and Sexual Assault

Title IX is federal law and prohibits discrimination in many areas, including sexual and sex-based harassment. Sexual harassment includes:

  • Sexual violence
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Sexual favor requests
  • Nonconsensual physical, verbal, or nonverbal conduct of a sexual nature

Federally funded schools have an obligation to stop sex discrimination, address any effects, and prevent recurrence. Due to this obligation, college campuses often have policies in place to prohibit acts of sex discrimination and resolve matters promptly and equitably when they occur.

Your Rights in a Sexual Assault Case

Under Title IX, both parties have rights, including the accused. You have the right to a fair and impartial investigation and hearing if accused. While these events can be complex legal processes, an experienced defense attorney can protect your rights. These professionals focus on defending your rights in various ways, ensuring you are treated fairly and with respect throughout the process.

Reviewing Case Details

A Houston sexual assault attorney can perform a thorough review of the evidence against you. This process is necessary for building a solid defense strategy against your charges. We can gather any evidence, including witness statements, alibis, or electronic records like text messages or social media posts. Strong and unquestionable evidence can help establish your innocence as your attorney works to identify inconsistencies or weaknesses in the accusations.

We understand that sexual assault is a sensitive matter, and we treat it as such. We can work to ensure your reputation is kept clean and your innocence stays a priority.

Advocating for a Fair Investigation

When you retain Segura & Kiatta Law Firm, it becomes our job to ensure an impartial investigation of your case. We can consider all relevant evidence and ensure the court ignores or dismisses irrelevant or improperly collected evidence. Conducting an impartial investigation requires requesting additional witness interviews, reviewing extra documents, or considering alternative interpretations of the events.

Whatever it takes, we can protect your right to a fair investigation.

Representation at Your Hearings

Cases of this nature can have Title IX hearings. Without proper representation, it is easy to feel like you are already guilty at hearings like these. We can help ensure the panel hears your story and upholds your rights, especially the right to be innocent until proven guilty. At these hearings, we can display your side of the story, cross-examine witnesses, and introduce evidence supporting your defense.

Exploring Potential Resolutions

Cases exist where the sides present the possibility for alternative resolutions. These solutions outside of a formal hearing can be possible, and we can pursue them if you are interested. These options can include mediation or restorative justice programs. In these alternative meetings, we can address the concerns of both parties while avoiding the consequences of a formal hearing. These options typically involve a facilitated dialogue to repair any harm done.

Before agreeing to alternative resolutions, we can help you consider the pros and cons of each option. Sometimes, an alternative resolution can work against your benefit, so it is important to understand what each option can offer you.

Consequences of a Title IX Finding

Sexual assault findings can have severe consequences under Title IX. Expected consequences can include:

  • An academic suspension or expulsion that can significantly disrupt your educational goals and future career opportunities and hurt your reputation.
  • Housing restrictions lead to an inability to reside in on-campus housing.
  • Impacts on future education and employment, as the Title IX finding can be placed on your academic transcript. This finding’s existence can affect your ability to transfer to another institution or secure employment.

Our Approach to Title IX Defense

At Segura & Kiatta Law Firm, we understand the seriousness of sexual assault allegations on university or college campuses. A negative result can impact the rest of your life. We commit to providing you with a compassionate and knowledgeable defense when you face rape, sexual abuse, or other sex crime charges.

Taking the time to understand your unique situation can involve more than just listening to your story. While we lend an invested ear in hearing your side of the story, we also take the time to personalize your defense strategy by investigating the facts and gathering all relevant evidence for your case. We can support you and present the most aggressive defense against your charges.

Public perception can often be against you if your case becomes widely known. We can work to fight this before it happens. We advocate for your rights throughout Title IX to ensure the fairest outcome possible.

Title IX accusations can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when they revolve around sex crimes. If you are a student in Houston facing allegations, we encourage you to contact our law firm immediately. A Houston campus sexual assault attorney will meet with you in a confidential consultation. In these consultations, we can help you understand your rights in the Title IX process and your legal options.

Segura & Kiatta Law Firm’s Experience With Houston-Area Colleges

Our law firm has over twenty years of experience representing clients in Harris County. When you hire us, we are on your side and will fight for your rights. Houston universities can have harsh sentences, so we work against the need to give up freedom and reputation.


Q: How Do You Address Sexual Assault on College Campuses?

A: There is no simple answer for how we address sexual assault on college campuses. These accusations are serious and sensitive. If accused of sexual assault on a Houston campus, we work to maintain and prove your innocence. We work to ensure a fair investigation and process for you during Title IX allegations.

Allegations of this sort can ruin your reputation quickly, even if you are innocent. Our primary goal is protecting your rights and reputation in the Houston area.

Q: What Is Needed to Prove Sexual Assault in Texas?

A: What is needed to prove sexual assault in a Title IX case in Texas can differ between college campuses. In general, Title IX accusations have a lower burden of proof than in a criminal court outside campus. An example of the burden of proof can involve clear and convincing evidence and the preponderance of the evidence.

Clear and convincing can mean a high probability that particular facts are actual or higher than preponderance, which is not as high as beyond a reasonable doubt.

Q: How Are Sexual Assault Cases Handled?

A: Sexual assault cases can be handled in a few different manners, depending on what university or college you attend. The Title IX process can involve advisors, notices, inspection of evidence, investigative reports, witnesses, and changing elements depending on the individuals assigned to your case. While we hope every case has a fair process, it often takes a skilled attorney to ensure fairness.

If you worry about the Title IX sexual assault process, it is wise to contact us immediately so we can assuage your worries and answer any questions.

Q: How Long Do You Go to Jail for Sexual Assault in Texas?

A: You cannot go to jail after being found guilty in a Title IX case. Title IX sexual assault charges are not criminal charges, meaning that you cannot receive jail time if found guilty. While this fact can be good to hear, it does not mean that Title IX sexual assault findings do not come with their own consequences.

If you face Title IX sexual assault accusations, you still need to take the allegations seriously and acquire representation to ensure the protection of your rights.

Get Help In Your Title IX Sexual Assault Case

Title IX sexual assault is a serious accusation. Taking allegations lightly can lead to your expulsion from your school and a tainting of your reputation. Life after a public sexual assault case can be unlike anything you imagined. Whether you believe the accusations are false, exaggerated, or misinterpreted, you must understand what is at stake in your future.

Segura & Kiatta Law Firm is here for anyone who faces accusations on a college campus. We treat your case with seriousness and compassion. Hearing you out is only part of the job. Our team will treat your case like your life is on the line because, in truth, it is. When you hire us, you are hiring a firm that refuses to assume your guilt or accept bad deals on your behalf. We work for you and your rights.

Do not face sexual assault allegations alone. As soon as an allegation surfaces, contact us immediately. We can work on investigating your accusation as quickly as possible to minimize the impact on your reputation and your future.


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