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A felony DWI charge can be overwhelming, having significant consequences that impact every aspect of your life. It is not always clear exactly how to approach these charges, and doing so improperly can have a disastrous outcome. At Segura & Kiatta Law Firm, we have experience handling these complex cases and want to fight for you. Having an experienced Houston felony DWI lawyer in your corner can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

What Is a Felony DWI in Houston?

While all DWIs can be stressful, a non-felony DWI is more common and carries fewer consequences than its felony counterpart. Most drunk driving charges in Houston are misdemeanors, but it is possible for the charges to be escalated to a felony. You can receive a felony DWI for driving while impaired and having aggravating factors. Some of these aggravating factors include:

  • Presence of a Minor. Texas law takes driving under the influence seriously, but doing so with a minor passenger is taken especially seriously. Minors under the age of 15 being present elevates a DWI to a felony to penalize those who make that particularly dangerous decision.
  • Serious Injury of Death. It is possible for a driver to operate a vehicle while impaired without impacting anyone else- they could be caught before any injuries occurred. When a DWI causes injuries or takes another’s life, the consequences of the choice can become exponentially more severe. These circumstances can involve so much harm that they carry the most heightened penalties.
  • Prior DWI Offenses. Two or more prior DWI convictions can result in a felony charge with the next offense. While the prior offenses need to have occurred within a certain timeframe, if they have occurred within that time frame, the court can assume that the offender has not taken the previous consequences seriously and will apply more severe penalties.

Consequences of a Felony DWI Conviction

A felony DWI conviction comes with significant penalties. These potential consequences can impact your life for years after your DWI arrest. Expected penalties can include:

  • Jail Time. A misdemeanor DWI typically results in probation, but a felony DWI can lead to significant jail time. The exact sentence length can depend on the case specifics. Aspects such as your BAC level, prior DWI offenses, and if you caused injuries or death of another person affect the amount of jail time. With certain circumstances, you could face months and even years in jail.
  • Losing Your License. Having a driver’s license can be essential in the United States. If you cannot get to work, run errands, attend appointments, or engage in other parts of your life, it can be challenging to maintain a good quality of life. A felony DWI in Texas will likely result in a lengthy suspension or permanent loss of your license. Maintaining employment, responsibilities, and daily routine can feel impossible without your license.Regaining driving privileges can be a time-intensive, complicated process.
  • Steep Fines. Jail time and a license suspension are not the only penalty you will likely see after a felony DWI conviction. These sentences come with hefty fines and court costs that could set your finances back. Many people do not have extra money to spend on extensive DWI fees. If you are in this situation, you can face a financial burden impacting your ability to pay bills and support your family.
  • Employment Difficulties. Living with a felony on your record can mean significant barriers to employment. Many employers conduct background checks, and a felony DWI can make it challenging to secure a job. Texas is one of the many states where it is not illegal for an employer to refuse an applicant a position based on their criminal history. Roles requiring driving privileges are challenging to maintain with a felony DWI on your record.
  • Tarnished Reputation. Felony DWIs are public records. This stain on your name can significantly damage your reputation, affect your work life and relationships, and deny you housing opportunities. The stigma surrounding a felony conviction can be difficult to overcome.

Why You Need a Felony DWI Lawyer

Criminal consequences can be just some of the potential felony DWI repercussions. The impact on your life can extend beyond your imagination and last for much longer than you think. It is crucial to seek legal representation if charged with a felony DWI. Our team understands what you are up against and wants to help minimize the effect of your charges on your life.

After an arrest, you can have immense emotions, including stress, confusion, and anger. It is not easy to face a charge that can send you to jail and negatively affect your life for years. Facing charges like this alone is unimaginable. Being charged with a felony DWI does not mean you have to plead guilty and accept the consequences. With a skilled attorney, your case can look very different than it may initially appear. We can work for you in many ways you may not expect.

Protecting Your Rights Throughout the Legal Process

The Texas legal system can be daunting, especially for people new to the intricacies and processes. From specific deadlines to confusing procedures, it can be challenging to understand where you are in your DWI case. Our skilled Houston attorney can ensure you know what we provide you in this lengthy process.

Lacking knowledge of how to operate in the legal system can lead people to forgo their rights without knowing. We can ensure you do not make this mistake. While protecting your rights to a fair process, we can advise you on the ideal course of action, ensure necessary individuals understand your story, and become your most prominent advocate. We stand ready for when you need someone to fight on your behalf.

Examining the Details of Your Arrest

Arrests and charges of this magnitude require extensive investigation. We can examine the details before, during, and after your arrest to ensure we miss nothing and understand the event timeline. Understanding the details of your case means we:

  • Examine police reports and body camera footage,
  • Analyze body cam footage when available,
  • Critique the methods used for field sobriety tests,
  • Review chemical test results and
  • Look for any errors in procedures used during and after your arrest.

Our Houston felony DWI team will scrutinize each detail of your case to identify any potential weaknesses. Despite what some people believe, the prosecution’s case can have glaring flaws that go unnoticed by less experienced attorneys. At Segura & Kiatta Law Firm, we have the skills and experience to find those flaws and build your aggressive defense strategy.

Challenging the Credibility of the Evidence

DWI evidence is not infallible. Just because you fail a breathalyzer, blood, or field sobriety test does not mean you are guilty of DWI. While prosecutors presenting such evidence can strengthen their case, we know we can work against any evidence, especially if it is of low quality.

One defense option involves questioning the officer’s training in administering the tests. Many old and new officers can follow bad practices that negatively impact or sway DWI results. Even if done on accident, a slight mistake in procedure can cause inaccurate results, leaving you with a charge you do not deserve. We work to identify any factors that could have influenced your results and can present our findings to seek dismissal of specific evidence.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

Finding a defense attorney who has experience working with the prosecution is important. We will seek alternative outcomes that can significantly impact your freedom. We can often work with the prosecution to reduce charges if weaknesses are found in the evidence or mitigating factors exist. Plea bargains are a way to lower the charges and penalties you are facing in exchange for a guilty plea to eliminate the need for a trial.

We aim to secure the outcome that grants you the most freedom. More freedom can often involve minimizing jail time, fines, and other penalties.


Q: How Much Is a DWI Lawyer in Houston?

A: The cost of a DWI lawyer in Houston can vary depending on the situation’s complexity. Factors like the circumstances surrounding your arrest, any prior convictions, and the need for an expert witness can influence your legal fees.

Despite the range of costs, Segura & Kiatta Law Firm values transparency. We will be upfront about our costs to help reduce financial pressure. In our consultation, we can provide you with essential information about the potential costs of your defense.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations on a Felony DWI in Texas?

A: The statute of limitations on a felony DWI in Texas generally follows the timeframe for other Texas felonies. The prosecution has three years from the date of the offense to bring felony DWI charges. In general, relying on the statute of limitations in your situation may not make sense. You should consult with a skilled attorney as soon as an officer arrests you or you commit an act that could fall into a felony DWI category.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for a DWI in Texas?

A: Whether or not you need a lawyer for a DWI in Texas depends on whether you are okay with facing life-altering consequences alone. Many people are uncomfortable with the situation, so they retain an attorney for their felony DWI. An attorney is more than someone who shows up on your court date and talks for a few hours.

Defense attorneys can exist to aggressively defend your rights in the entire legal process. Given the severity of felony DWI convictions, you should enlist an attorney in Texas.

Q: What To Do If You Get a DWI in Texas?

A: If you get a DWI in Texas, you must act immediately to preserve your rights. Essential steps can include:

  • Not speaking to law enforcement outside of identifying yourself
  • Contacting a Houston DWI attorney
  • Following your attorney’s instructions

Retaining an attorney ensures you are not alone if you get a DWI. They will offer valuable advice to help you come out of this unfortunate situation in the most favorable way.

Help With Your Felony DWI Today

A felony DWI is far more serious than a misdemeanor DWI and has considerably harsher consequences if you are convicted. Do not face these potential consequences alone. Contact Segura & Kiatta Law Firm’s Houston felony DWI attorney today for a free consultation.


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