What Happens If a DWI Court Orders Me to Go to an Alcohol Treatment Program?

What Happens If a DWI Court Orders Me to Go to an Alcohol Treatment Program?
Jul 27, 2020 |

An alcohol treatment program is designed to reduce recidivism or reoffense and is often included in a sentence where jail time and fines are also ordered. However, depending on the seriousness of your offense, your lawyer may be able to negotiate an alcohol treatment program in lieu of fines and/or incarceration. Here’s what you need to know.

You Will Be Assessed

Initially, the court will need to have a certified drug and alcohol counselor meet with you to conduct a comprehensive interview. At this time, the counselor will also review other pertinent records, including the new arrest report, any previous criminal history you have, your driving record, and chemical test results.

A treatment team will recommend next steps to the court

After you have completed your assessment, the court will review your interview and all other pertinent documents supplied by the certified counselor. The counselor and/or their treatment team will make a recommendation for treatment, which includes where you should be treated, what kind of program is best for you, and how long it should last.

You’ll be required to go to counseling

Mandatory drug and alcohol counseling is nearly guaranteed if you are arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated. You’re legally required to go to these counseling sessions, which are usually weekly and may last for months or longer than a year depending on the seriousness of your DWI.

If you don’t comply, what are the consequences?

Failure to comply with a drug and alcohol treatment program after a DWI can have severe consequences. In addition to not being able to get your license back until after the class has been completed, you may also be required to go back to court for a probation violation hearing. You could also be resentenced at that time with a harsher punishment.

How a Texas DWI Lawyer Can Assist You After an Arrest

If you were arrested and taken into police custody for driving while intoxicated, you have the right to contact a lawyer before ever speaking to law enforcement officers. It’s typically in your best interests to do just that. The outcome of your case is heavily influenced by the skills and abilities of your defense lawyer, and who you hire can truly make or break your case.

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