How Can I Get My Texas Criminal Case Dismissed?

How Can I Get My Texas Criminal Case Dismissed?
Jun 22, 2023 |

If you were arrested for a criminal offense, probably the best case scenario is for your charges to be dismissed before it ever goes to trial. But what does this actually mean and can your case be reopened later if the state finds new evidence against you? Here’s what to know about getting your case dismissed and how a veteran Houston, Texas criminal defense lawyer can help.


Only a judge or a prosecutor can decide if a case gets dismissed. Prosecutors can drop charges against someone, or a judge can rule that a case be thrown out after the defendant makes a motion to dismiss. Some of the most common reasons criminal cases are dismissed include:

  • The statute of limitations for the offense expired during the investigation period
  • Witnesses and/or victims become uncooperative or attempt to recant their statements, leaving the state with little other evidence
  • The defendant has been offered a plea deal that includes dismissal in exchange for information or assistance with a larger investigation
  • New evidence is brought to light that exonerates the defendant
  • The prosecutor has engaged in misconduct

Can A Case That Has Been Dismissed Be Reopened In Texas?

While a dismissal is certainly cause for a big sigh of relief, it may not necessarily mean that your legal issues are over. This all depends on whether or not the statute of limitations is up. If it is, you don’t have to worry – no charges can be pressed once that date passes.

But if the charges are dismissed for some other reason and the statute isn’t up yet, the state can re-arrest and try you at any point before its expiry if there’s enough evidence to do so.

Why It’s Critical To Work With An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas?

If you were arrested for a crime, your future is on the line and you need someone you can trust to help you navigate the difficult legal challenges ahead. Segura Kiatta Criminal Defense has the knowledge and experience you need to pursue the dismissal of the charges against you. If not, we can zealously advocate for the best outcome for you in court.

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