How Long Will a DWI Stay on My Record in Texas?

How Long Will a DWI Stay on My Record in Texas?
Sep 25, 2018 |

Being accused of DWI is a difficult enough experience but what happens if you are also arrested for a DWI and are concerned about its long-term implications on your record? One of the most common questions asked of DWI attorneys in the state of Texas is how long this DWI will stay on your record. Many people panic when they get arrested. Criminal charges can be removed from your record in Texas in certain situations but only if you apply for it and meet the eligibility grounds. The outcome of your DWI case might also be referred to as disposition. The type of disposition received in your case will have a significant impact on whether or not you can get the matter expunged or removed from your record. in the best-case scenario, the prosecutor could choose not to proceed with your case and this will lead to a dismissal.

You might also receive something known as a deferred adjudication. This is essentially a plea bargain between the prosecutor and you that says that if you meet a set of conditions determined in advance over a period of time, the case will be dismissed. You might also be successful in your court case and get a not guilty verdict.

However, you still will maintain a right to expunge certain crimes from your record if you meet basic general rules. One of these rules has to do with a waiting period. For felonies, you must wait three years from an arrest. For class A or B misdemeanors, you must wait a year from the arrest and for class C misdemeanors, you have to wait 180 days from an arrest. Your criminal defense attorney will tell you more about how you need to prepare yourself for a possible expungement in the state of Texas for your DWI.

If your record is expunged successfully, you can move on with your life and have access to better opportunities. But if you don’t have a knowledgeable Fort Bend DWI lawyer? You could miss out on the chance to clear your record.

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