What Are Your Options If Charged with A DWI In Fort Bend?

What Are Your Options If Charged with A DWI In Fort Bend?
Nov 20, 2017 |

If you have already been charged with DWI in Fort Bend, it is important for you to identify a criminal defense attorney right away. Only a lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system and to set you up for success. In general, after you have been accused, your attorney will schedule a consultation directly with you to discuss the facts of your case.

You may go over details such as what happened when you were arrested and the circumstances surrounding the night in question. Your attorney may identify information that could be used in your criminal defense strategy. In the event that it appears that you need to do as much as possible to minimize the consequences rather than eliminating them entirely, there are three major options if you are charged with a DWI in the Lone Star state. These include a plea bargain, a trial in court, or a pursuit of a case dismissal. Your lawyer can tell you more about which one of these is most appropriate for you.

You will want to hire a criminal defense attorney in any case but it is very important that you hire one to assist you in any criminal case that could lead to potential jail time. Having an attorney at your side can significantly enhance your chances of obtaining a favorable sentence in your DWI trial.

Looking through all your options and talking with an experienced attorney may help you find a strategy that works in your defense. The police officers may have overstepped their bounds and violated your rights, your defense attorney will use this to help you potentially avoid a conviction.

Qualified professionals will use all of the information gained from the initial consultation to paint a clear picture of what you can expect in court and which of the three options listed above may suit you best. This is why it is strongly recommended that you exercise your right to an attorney and that you do so as soon as possible. Your ability to recover compensation depends on your willingness and action to hire an experienced Fort Bend DWI lawyer.

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