What Is the Self-Defense Defense In an Assault Case?

What Is the Self-Defense Defense In an Assault Case?
Aug 20, 2021 |

The human body has an instinctual fight or flight response that can occur when a person is in a dangerous or highly stressful situation. In cases where a person feels they are in a life-or-death matter, the desire to survive no matter what is a primitive impulse that can result in behavior abnormal for that person. For example, a non-violent person may use lethal force to protect themselves in a fight.

Self defense laws exist for this reason. If you’ve been charged with assault, battery, or another violent crime, you may be able to use a self-defense defense strategy. Here’s what you should know.

Do I Have the Right to Defend Myself?

Because humans have a natural fight response when faced with danger, people may have the right to defend themselves when the situation calls for it. That said, if your actions resulted in the harm of someone else or even their death, you’ll need to demonstrate that your actions were provoked and reasonably necessary for your protection.


You’ll need to have sufficient evidence that you acted in self defense and had a viable reason to. If you are unable to demonstrate how the other person was provoking or threatening you enough that you had to reasonably act to protect yourself, you may not win your case. Examples of evidence include but are not limited to:

  • Video footage of the fight, captured either by witness cell phones or CCTV security cameras
  • Statements from witnesses who saw the incident
  • Any medical documents you may have if you were treated in the hospital or at a doctor’s office for offensive wounds caused by the other person
  • A police report where law enforcement was notified of a person breaking and entering

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