Can I Get a DWI In Texas If My Blood Sugar Is High?

Can I Get a DWI In Texas If My Blood Sugar Is High?
Oct 06, 2022 |

The CDC reports that up to 10% of people in America are affected by irregular blood sugar levels, a health condition known as diabetes. Both types of this condition interrupt the pancreas’ ability to produce enough insulin for the adequate regulation of blood sugar levels. When not controlled, this quickly causes circulatory problems that in turn result in organ failure and possible even death.

It’s also important to know that dysregulated glucose may look like drunkenness to a police officer if a diabetic gets pulled over when their sugars are too high or low. Continue reading to find out more or to get qualified legal help.

Comparing Low Blood Sugar & Alcohol Impairment

If a person’s blood sugar drops while they are operating a vehicle, this can be mistaken as drunk driving when the individual becomes confused or displays poor coordination and slurred speech. Even if someone with diabetes can pass a breath test, they likely won’t perform well on roadside sobriety tests if they have low blood sugar.


High glucose – called hyperglycemia – also makes a drunk driving arrest possible. Officers use a failed breathalyzer caused by high mouth alcohol levels that occur with diabetes to charge the suspect. Additionally, the officer could also lump other symptoms of high blood sugar in his suspicions, claiming facial flushing, the frequent need to urinate, and increased thirst are signs of alcohol impairment.

Safety Suggestions For Diabetics In the Car

If you’re diabetic, consider taking the following steps when you operate a vehicle to reduce the risk of DWI arrest:

  • Do a quick blood sugar check before getting in the driver’s seat.
  • Don’t leave without an emergency kit with insulin, glucose, and injection supplies.
  • Stop your vehicle in the event that you feel your sugar levels are changing rapidly.
  • Use any supplies you brought with you to regulate your glucose when it drops too low or raises beyond safe driving limits.
  • Tell any officers who stop your car that you have irregular blood sugar.

Were You Charged With Drunk Driving?

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