Does Texas Prohibit Police Brutality Against Criminal Suspects?

Does Texas Prohibit Police Brutality Against Criminal Suspects?
Sep 05, 2022 |

As media outlets put the spotlight on cases of police violence across the country, Texas residents want to know what this means for them. Are police officers in the Lone Star state held responsible for improper use of force? Below we discuss things to know and how an attorney can help.

Police Are Not Allowed to Seriously Harm Suspects

Police officers may not critically injure suspects during the course of an arrest, but minor injuries like bruising, sprains, and cuts are generally seen as “necessary” or at least allowable when a suspect has to be put in cuffs.


Law enforcement are required to use only the amount of force necessary when making an arrest. If the suspect poses no real threat and the police have no good reason to believe that they do, excess force is more likely to be considered unreasonable. If the suspect possesses a weapon though, more force is generally allowed.

Suspects Must Have Evidence to Indicate Brutality

What evidence you show plays a significant role in whether or not a Texas police officer will be held accountable for a violent arrest. Your goal should be to obtain as much compelling visual evidence as possible, like photos or even video. You should also make a point to demand immediate medical care so officers have a harder time suggesting your injuries were minor.

Public Awareness Helps Officers Get Held Accountable

Few, if any, law enforcement officers are held accountable in cases of police brutality that don’t make the news or circulate widely on social media. Public awareness and scrutiny makes it significantly more difficult for police departments to shuffle away incidents of misconduct without taking any real action to reprimand the at-fault officer(s). Communities wait for the announcement of what the department plans to do about the matter, essentially forcing them to respond with the appropriate disciplinary action.

Veteran Texas Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Strengthen Your Case

Your case outcome is heavily influenced by the experience and skill of the criminal defense lawyer you choose to represent you. Sugarland, Texas criminal defense law firm Segura | Kiatta Criminal Defense can provide you with comprehensive, zealous legal advocacy after a brutal arrest and will advocate for the best possible results. Book your free initial case consultation at our office by dialing 281.570.6400. We are available now to assist you.

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