Can I Get Charges of Domestic Abuse Dismissed?

Can I Get Charges of Domestic Abuse Dismissed?
Aug 22, 2022 |

Accusations of domestic violence are serious and should be taken as such. You may be able to have these charges dismissed – here are some things you can do and how a Texas criminal defense lawyer can assist you.


It’s imperative that you don’t say anything about the alleged domestic violence to anyone after you have been arrested or even if you have only been accused of committing domestic abuse. It’s very easy for prosecutors to take something you say to defend yourself and twist it into something you didn’t mean in order to make you look guilty.

Leave Your Accuser Alone

If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, it’s important that you leave the person who is accusing you of these egregious actions alone, even if they attempt to reach out and contact you. Don’t try to call or email them and avoid any calls or messages they send to you.

Be aware that they may be trying to create evidence that they can use against you, especially if there is not enough organic or real evidence to suggest that you might actually be guilty for the crime of which you are being accused.

Get Ahold of Whatever Evidence You Can

The faster you start collecting evidence in your favor, the better. Police, prosecutors, and the person who accused you are all working to put evidence together against you. Any evidence that suggests your accuser had ill intent or that shows your innocence, like an alibi, should be kept safe and copies given to your lawyer.

Stay On the Right Side of the Law

If you are charged again with any crime while your domestic violence case is still in progress, you run the risk of facing even worse criminal penalties even if the two issues are not related or similar in any way. Prosecutors will be able to use your criminal history to paint you in the most negative light possible, increasing their chances of successfully obtaining a conviction.

Get Help From a Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm

It’s critical that you don’t wait to take action after being arrested for domestic violence, or even if someone just accused you of committing domestic assault or threatened to report you. Contact our Sugarland, TX criminal defense lawyers today for a consultation to learn more at 281.570.6400.

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