Texas Crime Rate by City 2024 – Latest Statistics

Texas Crime Rate by City 2024 – Latest Statistics
Apr 06, 2024 |

It’s important to consider the safety of the city you live in or are considering moving to. Safety is a subjective standard that may be different from person to person. It’s important to conduct your own research, including crime statistics, and weigh the pros and cons, along with how important certain qualities are to you and your family. For current or prospective Texas residents, consider the Texas crime rate by city, types of crime, and other safety factors.

What Makes a City Safe to Live In?

It’s true that some cities and states are safer than others across the country. However, the sense of safety that a person may or may not feel is relative and dependent on each individual’s experiences, point of view, and values. It is important to do your own research; crime statistics do matter, but they are not the sole determining factor in a city’s safety or value.

Violent Crimes vs. Property Crimes

Even when a city may have a high rate of crime, it’s important to take into consideration the differences in the frequency of violent crimes versus property crimes. When prospective residents are looking into a city’s crime rate, it’s typically the more violent crimes that they are most worried about.

Property crimes can often contribute to a large portion of a city’s rate of unlawful activity, misleading interested parties into believing that a place has more rampant violence than it does. However, it’s also important to be aware of locations with a high rate of property crimes.

Crime rate statistics can differ depending on which offenses they consider to be violent or property crimes. For example, robbery is sometimes included under property violations, while other studies may consider robbery to be a violent offense. Furthermore, not every study will take all crimes into consideration, such as human trafficking, when tallying up data statistics.

Violent and Property Crimes Defined and ContrastedViole

t crimes can include murder, rape and sexual assault, assault and aggravated incidents, human trafficking, robbery, and armed robbery.

Property crimes are distinguishable from violent offenses because there is a lack of using force or violence to commit unlawful violations. These crimes also have a low likelihood of involving an element of fraud, which is more common in white-collar crimes overall.

Property violations include larceny theft, such as:

  • Shoplifting
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Purse snatching
  • Theft from a motor vehicle, including parts or accessories]Stealing bicycles

It also includes some instances of robbery, arson, burglary, and theft of a motor vehicle, whether attempted or actualized.

Rate of Violent Crimes in Texas and Nationwide

One 2022 study states that there were almost 130,000 violent crimes reported in Texas that year. Compared to the number of reported crimes that year across the country, which was 1,268,880, this means that, relative to population size, Texas’s violent crime rate is slightly above the national rate. Texas had a rate of 4.32 violent crimes per 1,000 residents, while the national rate was 3.6.

Texas Rate of Property Crimes Compared to National Data

That same 2022 study found there were 690,660 reported incidents of property crime, with a rate of 23 offenses occurring per 1,000 people. This is in contrast to the 6,513,829 property crimes that were reported nationally, at a rate of 20 violations per 1,000 individuals. Taking both violent and property offenses into consideration, the data suggests that the crime rate in Texas is slightly above the country’s overall rate of crime.

Texas Crime Rate Measured by City

Across all statistics, the frequency of reported crimes is higher among more populous cities, which also applies when comparing crime rates between counties; larger or more populated counties are more likely to see and report crime compared to their less populous counterparts.

According to a ranking of Texas cities by their crime index, among the state’s safest cities are Kempner, Bracketville, and Bloomburg. However, another source asserts that the state’s safest cities include Fayetteville, Aquilla, and Deanville.


Q: Which City in Texas Has the Highest Crime Rate?

A: This study found that the state’s cities with the highest crime rate index include Padre Island, Balcones Heights, and Sunset Valley. However, all these cities have populations below 3,000. The cities of Bellmead and Humble are also among the cities with the highest crime indexes, and their populations include at least 10,000 residents.

Q: Where Is the Safest City in Texas?

A: A city’s safety is subjective and depends on an individual’s standards and experiences, not just crime statistics. However, one source claims that the cities of Fayetteville, Aquilla, Deanville, Falcon Heights, Garciasville, and Encino are among the safest in the state.

Another source ranked Texas cities according to their crime rate index and found Kempner, Bracketville, Bloomburg, and Crowell to be some of the state’s safest cities.

Q: Where Is Texas Ranked in Crime?

A: When reviewing the state’s overall rate of crime, including violent and property offenses, Texas has a crime rate that is slightly above the national rate. The state of Texas, according to one 2022 study, had a rate of violent crime that was less than one percent higher than the national average. The state’s rate of property crime was also minimally above the country’s overall rate of property crimes.

Q: Which County in Texas Has the Most Crime?

A: The county with the most crime may be among Loving, Potter, Aransas, and Lubbock Counties, according to data from one study. However, studies show that more populated areas are likely to reflect higher rates of crime.

This means that while Loving County had a crime rate of almost 33,000 per 100,000 people in 2020, it only reported 21 crimes. In contrast, Potter County had a crime rate of nearly 8,000 per 100,000 residents but reported over 9,000 crimes in 2020.

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