Facing A DWI Charge In Texas?

Facing A DWI Charge In Texas?
Mar 25, 2020 |

Did you just get arrested for a DWI?

Do not feel like you are all alone. After getting arrested for something like this, I am sure a lot is going through your mind. Things like; embarrassment, confusion, stress and a sense of overwhelming blur on what to do next. We are here to help guide you through the Texas DWI process. We will aggressively defend you against charges in Fort Bend and the surrounding communities.

Are you afraid of ruining your record?

We understand the stress that you may be feeling at this moment and the concern about how this will change your life. When facing a DWI in Texas, the impact of this mistake can affect every aspect of your life, i.e, your employment status, education and ultimately the livelihood of you and your family. At Fort Bend DWI we are dedicated to giving you the best outcome possible by getting ahead of your defense as soon as possible. We gather your records and review the case that the prosecution has against you in order to determine the best possible defense strategy.

Will this affect your work-life if you are a driver?

Those who require a valid driver’s license for the purpose of employment may be harshly affected by the strict DWI Laws in the state of Texas. The likelihood of a DWI affecting your work as a driver is high however, there may be some mitigating factors that can allow for leniency in terms of hardship applications. No two DWIs are the same. Do not think that because there may not have been a positive outcome for someone else that you fall into the same end. Likewise, a harsh penalty applied to another may not apply to your case at all.

Do not think you have no other options other than to settle for a plea deal. We are here to improve your outcome. Before you decide that the easiest way forward is to agree to a plea deal, understand that the strength of the case against you is not determined by the prosecution, an experienced defense attorney will question every element of the state’s case including, breath alcohol equipment, maintenance of said equipment and more.

First-Time DWI Dismissal In Texas

In Texas those with a DWI on record for the first time usually get their license suspended, get fined and/or serve jail time. There are some short term ramifications and some long term, life-altering ramifications. Why would you leave those options to chance? Depending on the case against you, if a dismissal is not an option, we will fight for alternative options like a drunk driving course, alcohol or drug rehabilitation, sober living, electronic monitoring etc.

Get Help With Your Fort Bend DWI Charges Today

Do not attempt to negotiate your charges on your own, DWI is a serious crime in Texas and requires a serious defense. Call Fort Bend DWI Lawyer Segura at 281-570-6400 to schedule your FREE consultation.

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