My Vehicle Wasn’t Moving-Can I Still Be Charged With DWI?

My Vehicle Wasn’t Moving-Can I Still Be Charged With DWI?
Apr 26, 2018 |

Being charged with DWI anywhere throughout Texas can be an overwhelming experience, particularly if you do not know what to do next. You can be arrested for DWI in Texas for a number of different reasons, including when your vehicle is not in motion. If someone was operating your car with the engine on or it can be shown through circumstantial evidence that you arrived at a location while intoxicated, even if you were not presently moving the vehicle, you can legally be convicted of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

There are guidelines that are imposed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that establish valid grounds for police officers to stop you in a DWI case. However, you will need to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you have been accused of driving while under the influence and you believe that the circumstances are not accurate.

The support of a lawyer can be especially value during this difficult time, and it is recommended that you do not hesitate to exercise your right to legal counsel because facing a criminal conviction can be overwhelming and very difficult to deal with.

The circumstances of being convicted of such a crime can follow you for many years to come, and you could also your ability to drive currently. This means that it is all the more important to retain an attorney who has been practicing in this field for many years and one who is highly knowledgeable about driving while under the influence charges in the State of Texas. Don’t let a sudden DWI turn your life upside down.

Make sure you have a lawyer who is on hand to help you immediately after you have been accused of a crime because the consequences can be severe.

Don’t let a first offense or a subsequent DUI cause you problems- make sure your lawyer is there to help you immediately.

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