What You Need to Know About Habitual Traffic Violators in TX

What You Need to Know About Habitual Traffic Violators in TX
Mar 29, 2018 |

Judgements associated with a conviction for DWI in Texas can be serious. These can include misdemeanor or even felony charges. The fines can go as high as $10,000 depending on the specifics of the accident and being accused of a crime may not be the end of your troubles. For example, if another person had property damage or sustained injuries in the accident, you may be looking at a civil lawsuit as well.

Your driver’s license can also be suspended anywhere from a few days to up to two years and imprisonment can include time behind bars of up to eight years. If the term HTV has been assessed with your drunk driving allegation, you most certainly need support from a knowledgeable Fort Bend DWI lawyer immediately. HTV is a Bureau of Motor Vehicle term used to describe habitual traffic offenders. It is for a person with a serious history of traffic related violations.

If you operate a vehicle while being categorized as an HTV, your driving privileges could be suspended for life if you are caught breaking the law. There are some exemptions in Texas, including a specialized driving privileges (SPD) program that can avoid many of these suspensions.

Specialized driving privileges have specific conditions such as being able to drive to school or work while maintaining insurance. Other restrictions may apply depending on your individual situation but you need to take action quickly after being accused of a DWI to increase the chances that you will be able to exercise these rights and have the specific driving privileges that may allow you to keep your job. In the wake of a DWI charge, it may seem as though most things are changing but getting the support of a lawyer who will do everything possible to protect your future, including your eligibility to operate a vehicle, is extremely important.

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