What Happens with My Third DWI or a Subsequent Offense?

What Happens with My Third DWI or a Subsequent Offense?
Apr 28, 2019 |

Multiple DWI Offenses

No one wants to see those flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror. But your anxiety can get even worse if you have already been tried and convicted for a previous DWI. No doubt that you have questions and concerns if this is a third DWI or even one beyond that in Texas. What is on the line is very serious and requires your immediate attention.

If you do not get help from a lawyer for your third DWI, you will be facing very stiff penalties and problems. Make sure you take your case as seriously as the prosecution is and get help for these charges.

A third DWI offense in the state of Texas occurs when a person has already been twice convicted of DWI allegations.


Because a third offense implies that a person has a history of drinking and driving and potentially putting others at risk for accidents and injuries, it is important for anyone who is accused of their third DWI offense to recognize the severity of this situation and to consult with an attorney immediately. This third-degree felony can result in:

  • Disqualification from voting.
  • A prohibition against possessing a firearm.
  • A fine as high as $10,000.
  • Between two and ten years in jail.
  • Driver’s license suspension that could be extended as long as two years.
  • A surcharge fee every year for three years in order to retain your driver’s license.

When a jury learns about a third DWI allegation, the information presented by the court suggests that the defendant has a propensity or habit of driving while intoxicated. With a third DWI, however, this is more serious than the second DWI allegation.

This is because the jury may be informed of two previous DWI convictions which suggest that the defendant is likely to have been guilty of the additional charge even if that is not necessarily the case. Because of the many factors involved in developing a comprehensive defense strategy for a Texas DWI allegation, you need to be prepared to consult with a Fort Bend DWI Attorney as soon as possible after you’ve been accused.

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