What’s the Real Cost of a Texas DWI?

What’s the Real Cost of a Texas DWI?
Mar 30, 2019 |

DWI Charges: What You Need To Know To Financially Prepare Yourself

Your first thought after a Texas DWI could be how much it might cost to pay your fines. There are other costs for not only defending your charges with the help of a lawyer but also in possible issues if you end up convicted. The sooner that you hire a lawyer, the better you can position yourself to fight back.

Anyone who faces DWI charges in Texas knows that there is going to be some costs on the line, even if they are successful and have the charges dropped entirely. A DWI in Texas can cost a lot more than you’re expecting, but it does make sense to invest the extra money in an experienced DWI defense attorney. Many defendants are not prepared for the high and true cost of a DWI conviction, which can be substantial even for first-time offenders.

What Are the Total Costs?

The total cost for a first time DWI conviction can reach up to $15000. As someone accused of a DWI, it is in your best interests to retain a lawyer. Many people might be concerned about whether or not it makes sense to lay out the extra money for an attorney, but this person could protect you from other associated costs. Some of the most common expenses linked to a DWI conviction in Fort Bend include probation fees, attorney fees, court fees, punishment fines, impound lot fees, restitution fees, increased insurance rates, the cost of bail, and ignition interlock installation fees.

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your DWI

You will certainly want to hire an attorney in Fort Bend who has a focus on DWI cases, although the cost of this attorney can vary significantly. The background experience of your DWI attorney and the specific details of your case will influence the cost. However, you might not be able to afford the consequences of a conviction on your record without attempting to fight it off. The cost of a DWI in Fort Bend can be shocking, but the long term consequences, such as higher insurance rates and having this conviction on your record can be far worse.

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