What Happens After my Third DWI in Texas?

What Happens After my Third DWI in Texas?
Feb 22, 2019 |

Multiple DWI Convictions In Texas

Being arrested and convicted for any crime more than once has the potential to cast a shadow over your reputation and your future. It’s hard to argue that a mistake was made in your DWI case in Texas if you’ve already been convicted twice before, which makes it more important for you to hire an attorney to help you with this process.

Have you already been previously convicted of DWIs in Texas? You must have a heightened awareness about the implications of a subsequent DWI arrest because another conviction on your record could come with significant consequences. DWI is also known in the state of Texas a driving while intoxicated. You can face a number of different problems with simply being accused of DWI, in addition to damaging your vehicle, losing your right to drive, hurting yourself or another individual, or even death.

History of dwi records in texas

Going through your third DWI can be scary especially because it is likely that the court assumes you are guilty because you have previous DWI records. Texas laws are extremely strict by the time that you hit your third offense for driving while intoxicated. These include enhanced penalties such as:

  • More community service.
  • Larger fines.
  • Having a felony on your record.
  • High likelihood of prison and jail time.
  • Allegations that you have a substance abuse problem.

Identify The Issues In Your Case

There are many different issues related to your charge of a third DWI, such as whether or not you’ve had substance abuse treatment in the past, how often you use alcohol or drugs, and what situations caused you to be convicted of previous DWIs. Your experienced Fort Bend DWI lawyer can help you identify what kind of support is available for people in your position.

This can include going to a rehab center and detox treatment. If the court believes that you have substance abuse problems you need to be prepared for how you will respond to this and to outline a plan of treatment to avoid potential consequences. The stakes are high in a third DWI offense in Fort Bend and you need to retain an attorney who can help you.

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