What Will Weaken My Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges?

What Will Weaken My Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges?
Apr 20, 2022 |

When you speak with a Texas criminal defense lawyer after being arrested for domestic abuse, they will consider a variety of criteria to make a decision about whether or not your case can go to trial or if you should consider discussing a plea agreement. Below are a few of the factors that may be evaluated, as well as how a skilled defense lawyer may help you.

Is There Medical Evidence?

Your attorney will want to check any medical records from a doctor’s office or hospital visit that were made after the reported incident. Based on what the records indicate, this might be advantageous or damaging to your defense. Images showing grievous injuries often to elicit emotional responses from judges and jurors, making it harder for them to examine potential alternate causes of such injuries.


If a person that witnessed the alleged incident has testified against you, it may hinder your defense. Domestic abuse cases frequently include just two people, and it’s one person’s word against the word of the other. When a person claims to have witnessed the event, judges are more likely to accept that account of events, especially if it validates the victim’s testimony. That said, a witness testimony stating that you were not involved in domestic violence or even an alibi saying you were somewhere else at the time can help make your defense stronger.

Does the Alleged Victim Have a Reason to Make a False Report?

Your defense attorney will also investigate possible motives for the victim to falsely accuse you of committing domestic abuse. They may bring this up in court, implying that the possibility of false allegations is substantial.

Is There Enough Concrete Evidence to Actually Convict You?

Many domestic violence cases lack enough material evidence to convict a defendant beyond a shadow of a doubt. Your lawyer will work to dismiss weak or circumstantial evidence that will convolute your defense.

Why a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney Is Your Best Ally

At Segura & Kiatta Criminal Defense, we understand the sensitive nature of domestic violence allegations and we know that in these cases, things aren’t often as cut and dry as they appear. We can help you defend yourself after a regrettable mistake or false accusations of domestic abuse. Contact our office today for a consultation by calling 281.570.6400.

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