What Happens If I’m Hurt By the Police During an Arrest?

What Happens If I’m Hurt By the Police During an Arrest?
Jul 03, 2022 |

When you are arrested, you are bound to experience some discomfort when the police handcuff you and put you into the back of a police cruiser. Sometimes, police use much more force than is necessary during an arrest, causing harm to the suspect. In this case, your criminal defense may be impacted and it’s critical to understand how. Below, we discuss the effects of police brutality during an arrest and how a veteran criminal defense lawyer in Texas can help protect your rights.

Police Brutality Defined

Police brutality is defined as unwarranted and excessive force used in the detainment and/or arrest of a criminal suspect, which may or may not lead to severe injury. Examples of police brutality include but are not limited to the use of a taser or firearm in circumstances that do not want the use of a weapon; beating, kicking, or punching a suspect during the course of an arrest; and sexual abuse. Situations involving the abuse of power are also included, like purposeful false arrests.


If a law enforcement officer assaults you, it’s critical that you obtain as much evidence as possible to use in your defense. A common example of brutality being used in favor of the defendant is when the suspect has been charged with resisting arrest or has been falsely arrested. If the defendant’s lawyer can show compelling evidence that the defendant was not resisting but instead was acting in self-defense or was falsely detained, these charges may be dismissable in a court of law. It’s also important to note that the defendant may be eligible to seek financial restitution for any injuries caused by law enforcement with the help of a personal injury attorney.

When to Contact a Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being arrested on criminal charges is frightening enough on its own without being the victim of excessive police force. If you experienced brutality during your arrest, it’s important that you have an experienced Texas criminal defense attorney on your side. Reach out now to Segura & Kiatta, LLP to schedule your consultation or simply to learn more about your legal options after being arrested for a crime and assaulted during your arrest. Dial 281.570.6400 or fill out our quick contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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